Original Hooters Clearwater Florida USA

In 1983 six businessmen (and we use that term loosely) opened the first HOOTERS in Clearwater, Florida. The Group known as the HOOTERS six were immediately indicted for impersonating restauranters. While the charges were later dismissed the stigma lingers today. Through the years, HOOTERS has grown into a huge international success with restaurants dotting the globe and even a Casino, Golf Tour, Calender and Magazine to its credit.

With all of this success one might think HOOTERS would lose sight of its humble beginnings. TO the contrary, we intend to keep dancing with the one that brought us we know the most important thing is good food and cold beer served by beautiful HOOTERS girls. We are confident you’ll enjoy our special brand of food and fun.


HOOTERS Specialise in great food, an abundance of cold drinks, perfect sports coverage and most of all service with a smile!





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Original Hooters


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